Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Enjoy Validation {Montgomery AL Photographer}

One of my goals for 2011 is to pass a certification process through the Professional Photographic Certification Commission. It consists of two parts -- written exam and image submission. I submitted my images for review in February and received a letter of congratulations for passing the review today! YAY! I like my images ... but validation is certainly nice :)

The requirements were to submit 20 images that represented your body of work. They had to reflect your business. So, I submitted half of the images from my portrait sessions and half from weddings. They had to come from 20 different clients. The judges were looking for technique -- lighting, color balance, exposure, etc.

Some of my portraits are "studio" style, so I submitted the following images to reflect that portion of my work.

The majority of my portrait sessions are on-location so I selected seven images to reflect that portion of my business:

I made sure to include several different ages.

The wedding selections included engagement, bridal and wedding day:

Wedding-day images were to include a mixture of formal and candid.

I was particularly pleased that my black-and-white images passed the review. I'd heard they were particularly picky about those. But I love b & w images so I wanted to include them.

So I am super excited this evening and now need to start studying for the written portion of the exam. I don't remember the last time I had to pass a written exam!! I'm so not looking forward to that! I will have to travel out-of-state later in the year to take the exam and complete the certification process.

So, thank you to my wonderful clients for providing me with such gorgeous images to submit!! And thank you to anyone who has actually finished reading this blog post and allowed me a little time to bask in the accomplishment.

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Anna said...

whoohoo! congratulations! we all know you are amazingly talented but there's nothing like the powers that be affirming that! so proud of and for you!!! (by the way, that black and white bride/groom image is absolutely stunning! gorgeous!).

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