Saturday, August 29, 2009

Enjoy Memories

When I was a little girl, my dad built an 8x10 playhouse for me in the backyard near my swingset. I can remember him working on it every Saturday until it was complete with electricity and playhouse-sized furniture. Sadly, this is the only picture I have of me near the playhouse (an old b&w polaroid). I'm holding a doll (I think it's my Davey Crockett doll!) and have on white socks ... and that's about all you can see of me!

As I grew older the playhouse turned into a storage building. When my children were little they were only able to get into part of the playhouse but still have fond memories of playing in there. When my dad died and my mom decided to put the house on the market I told my husband I had to have the playhouse. He made the arrangements to have it moved from Phenix City to Montgomery. Unfortunately, we turned it into a storage building, too. So, it has just been sitting in our backyard for years. With my son's encouragement I undertook the refurbishing of the playhouse as my summer project. His girls' (my granddaughters') birthdays are in August, so my goal was to have it ready for an official opening on their birthdays. With a lot of help, I was able to pull it off and presented it to them last Sunday:

I don't know what happened to all the original furniture, but I found some great kitchen furniture on and a dear friend found me an antique doll cradle.

I pulled out Grammie's (my husband's mother) best china for the opening day celebration. That's Cindy, one of my daughter's dolls, who has been invited to join the tea party.

I think it was a hit all around. The girls didn't want to go home and we had a great time watching them play.

And don't be distressed about the "girls only" sign. When the grandsons get old enough we'll build them a great tree house and put a "boys only" sign up :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enjoy Special Moments

Coffee-table books ... they're not just for weddings and baby's first year portraits!

This summer a special friend called to tell me about a beautiful sunflower field near her home. I drove up to check it out then packed up my granddaughters and daughter for a photo safari the next day. My sweet husband went along to carry the props and entertain the granddaughters when they were not being photographed. (He ended up in several of the pictures because he's just so entertaining and adorable!) It turned out to be a very special time and I ended up with so many wonderful pictures. So, I designed a coffee table book and ordered three copies - one for me, one for my daughter and one for the granddaughters. I used one of the photographs as the cover in a metallic finish.

Here's a peek inside:

I've made coffee-table books for several special projects. I think they're a great way to remember the occasion and easily view the pictures. The cost is about the same or less than getting prints of each image.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog via Google Reader or fan my facebook page to be notified when special opportunities -- like this surprise sunflower field -- become available.

Enjoy Albums | Wedding Photography Montgomery Alabama

LOVE this beautiful chocolate brown album cover that Stacie chose for her wedding memories! Enjoy!

Here's what it looks like inside:

Enjoy Memories | Baby Photography Montgomery AL

Having recently uploaded a sample of a boy's Baby's First Year book that comes with the Baby's First Year Package, I thought I should upload this peek at a little girl's version. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enjoy Accolades | Award-Winning Photographer Montgomery AL

I woke up this morning to discover that "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" was chosen as the Picture of the Day in the Black & White category at DigitalImageCafe. That makes two accoaldes this week from Sweet Anna's newborn session! Congratulations Anna and proud mommy Suzanne. And many thanks to Lori without whom I wouldn't have been able to get these precious pictures!

As a follow-up, Lily's "gimme-gimme-gimme that" image went on to win second place in the BetterPhoto July contest. Good job, Lily!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoy Accolades | Award-Winning Photographer Montgomery AL

Over 21300 photos were entered into the competition in July. It is an honor that two of my images were selected among the top finalist photos:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emily's Sneak Peek | Montgomery AL Teen Portraits

Emily was a trooper in the humidity and heat of an Alabama August day! We ended up with some beautiful images from her session at Shakespeare's Garden. Here are a few of my favorites for Emily to share with family and friends while I'm uploading her online gallery.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

E.J. at 9 Months

I had an opportunity to capture a few sweet moments with EJ Friday. It's hard to believe he's almost 9 months old!

My favorites of the afternoon came when the neighbor's cat came over to see what was going on! EJ loves cats!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Enjoy Hadley | Baby Portraits Montgomery AL

I just finished editing Hadley's 3-month portrait session. Here's a sneak peek for family and friends while the images are uploading to the online gallery.

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