Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enjoy AK & AP {Montgomery, AL baby photography}

We had this portrait session scheduled for a beautiful location. I got there (thankfully) ahead of the family as I always try to do. I like to walk the venue - make sure nothing has changed - check the lighting and the other people who may be there - plan out the session. Enter the security guard... "you can't photograph here." What? Seriously? I was just here 4 days ago!? Had a long conversation with the person in charge... Took some beautiful portraits... You're kidding, right? Wrong! Frantic phone call to the mom in route. "We've got to go somewhere else!" "Where?" "Shakespeare's Garden or Huntingdon College?" "Shakespeare's Garden." Mom took it better than I did. I hate disappointing clients.

But all's well that ends well, right? And this ended well, I think:

The daffodils were in full bloom - but I promise I didn't let them pick these. I brought these from home.

And these two sweeties are an instant party!

"Here, sis, let me fix that bow for you."

I love, love, love to hear a mom say I was able to capture the child's personality during a session. And we did here. Can't you see it in those eyes?!?

Wow! What a treat! Can't wait to see what their cake-smashing first birthday portrait session yields :D

I'm running a little behind on the blog post as the gallery has already been uploaded. Still wanted to offer this little summary of our session for mom & dad to share.


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