Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mitchell-Murray Wedding

It was a distinct honor to be invited to photograph Tanyanika and Roderick's wedding at the Capital City Club two weeks ago. I do not remember being part of a celebration where more love and respect was displayed. The bride's family loved the groom and his family and the groom's family loved the bride and her family. It was just an uplifting celebration of what a wedding and the joining of two lives should be. Their gallery will be uploading today, so I wanted to post a sneak peek of what they will be viewing

Tanyanika's sons receive final approval from their grandmother. They served as the bride's escorts for the ceremony.

Roderick's beautiful daughter served as a bridesmaid.

The handsome little ringbearer had refused to smile for any of the formal portraits earlier in the day. I thought he was just displaying a little attitude. Then the ceremony started and I saw he was really using a tough exterior to hide the anxiety inside. He was such a little man and carried on with his responsibilities. He will probably never in his lifetime forgive me for taking these photos, but it was just such a precious moment!

And no one present will ever forget Roderick's reaction when he first saw his bride. It was the reaction every woman hopes to have from her man on her wedding day!

The new family portrait!

Marcus from Rosemont Gardens outdid himself on the decorations for this wedding! I just loved those little sparkleys hanging from the table decorations. I tried to put one in the camera bag to take home for my dining room table!

Roderick and Tanyanika, your gallery will be online soon. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day.

And many, many thanks to the fabulous wedding planner, Guenada Lambert. I am so sorry that this was her last wedding. I will miss working with you very much, Guenada!

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