Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enjoy Expectations

Sweet Eden is expecting her first baby in October.

So we got together last week to document and enjoy the occasion. What a beautiful model!

Do you remember the feeling of dread that you may never be able to see your toes again ... much less tie your own shoes? That's what I was trying to capture in this photo.

As I told Eden, I think as photographers we often forget that just because we've taken a particular photo hundreds of times doesn't mean that our client has ever had that captured before. Like at weddings - every single bride asks me for the behind the door shot. I've taken it so many times I wouldn't even do it if they didn't ask. But they love it... so they should have it... so I take it. It's the same with the blocks and bows. It warms a mommy's heart ... so she should have it ... and so I take it ...

and, I confess, I love it, too!

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MiMi said...

How do I begin to thank this wonderful photographer, "DiAnna Paulk," it was truly a blessing and a most wonderful experience. I am so humbled by her comments and equally excited about her blog as well as the outstanding photos posted here on her site. It was a pleasure meeting you, DiAnna! May God continue to shine His "Spot Light," upon you.

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