Monday, September 6, 2010

Comparing Books and Albums

Here's a comparison of the press-printed books and standard albums (not flush mounted or press-printed albums):

1. thickness - 8x8 black album and 8x8 brown fabric-covered book

2. binding -- book on bottom; album on top

3. page thickness -- book on left; album on right

4. gutters -- both will have a gutter (does not apply to press printed books which offer full-page spreads with no gutter)

5. mounting -- the album (on the left) is a photographic print mounted on heavy cardstock. The album pictured here is NOT flush mounted, so the print will not be even with the edge of the page. There will be a tiny margin around the edges where the backing will show. (Again, not applicable to flush mounted or press printed albums which go edge to edge.) The book print goes edge-to-edge, but is not a photographic print.

The coffee-table books look very much like the photographic books available in the bookstores, thus "coffee-table books." The albums are what people think of when you mention wedding albums, except now we have the luxury of adding more than one image per page.

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