Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enjoy Newborns

My "one-woman-show" became a bit overwhelming this year. Actually, it started back on Feb. 11th when the snow canceled an all-day Enjoy Moments session at Buena Vista. All those sessions got added to the next scheduled Enjoy Moments day and I never got caught up again. I found myself apologizing profusely all the time for running behind on editing and uploading, not enjoying this very enjoyable creative outlet anymore, and not being able to relax when my family was around. I had to set some priorities and realize that I had taken on more than one person could do. After lots of prayer, thought and research, I started using two companies in June to help me with post-processing and editing so I could do what I liked to do the best - take photographs and do creative things with them. So, I now use Photographer's Edit to do the first edits on my weddings, and Vital Edit for my portrait sessions. I'm back to enjoying what I do and uploading my sessions to my clients' galleries on time. If any other photographers want to know why I settled on these companies - and why I use different companies for portraits and weddings - please feel free to shoot me an email.

All of this long explanation - which very few people are really interested in anyway - is to explain why I don't do sneak peeks right after a session anymore. When I started outsourcing the first edits, I started doing the sneak peeks as the galleries were uploading. It was just a better use of my time.

And all of that is to say,

I had to make an exception today.

When I was preparing today's newborn session to upload to Vital Edit I saw this:

and my heart stopped

and I just couldn't go any further.

So - only this once - will I do a sneak peek the day I do a session.



Anna said...

oh. my. goodness. beautiful. love love love it!

Lori Mercer said...

GORGEOUS!! :) Lori

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