Sunday, June 7, 2009

And then there were none..

I first photographed and blogged about this nest of robins on June 1. We've been watching them closely, protecting them as much as possible.

Yesterday, one of the babies was clearly larger and more dominant than the others. He was the first one to fly out of the nest this morning.

That left these two:

I don't have a lens that is really long enough for great wildlife pics, but I was thrilled to get this interaction between mom and the two babies - even with branches and leaves in the way. She usually won't go near the nest when I have my camera!

Then the second flew away, just leaving this little fellow:

And now the nest is empty. None of them met with the anticipated fate (the cat) on my watch. I can only hope they'll continue to grow and escape hazards. They just look too young to be out of the nest! (The cry from moms heard round the world!)

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