Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Clients

Dear Clients who are waiting on me to edit your images and upload your galleries,

My working computer is in the computer hospital. It caught one of those nasty Trojan viruses Saturday morning and I cannot use it to access my email account or edit your photos. So, I may appear calm on the outside but I am FREAKING OUT on the inside. Your photos are protected as I always download portrait sessions on the main hard drive AND back them up on an external drive. Wedding photos are downloaded to the main hard drive and TWO external hard drives. So, no lost images ... just lost time. I am using my laptop that does not have a calibrated monitor to stay in touch while I anxiously await the prognosis on the main computer. However, I will not be using it to edit photos. I've tried that before and ended up completely redoing it on the main computer.

I will keep you updated.

And here's a picture that was on my laptop from this spring when the baby robins were learning to fly. It helps me remember that with all the stresses in daily life, we are still surrounded by beauty and Love.

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