Saturday, April 3, 2010

Enjoy Jack

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jack for his two-year-old portrait session. Jack is a cutie, but he loves to run!

Running in between the ferns (usually on the row I wasn't on!):

running the entire perimeter of the garden area ... several times:

I had to crank up the shutter speed to make it look like he wasn't running.

In spite of his best efforts to prevent it, I still think I got some great images of him!

He loved it when I pulled out the bubbles. Can you tell one just popped on his forehead!?

This ended up being my favorite of the session:

Many more are uploading to the online gallery.

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Anna said...

between Addie and Jack, you are getting your workout for the month! at least addie was a little more "contained" in the house :) wonderful shots, especially that last one! he has such a beautiful smile!

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