Saturday, April 10, 2010

Enjoy Haylie

Today was my first outing with my new 5D Mark II and a new 50mm 1.4 lens. So loving this spring at Jasmine Hill Gardens!

We stopped by NameDropper on the way and picked up this darling outfit!

I'd gotten this one there several months ago and have been saving it for the perfect day. Today was it!

You have to twirl in a skirt like this!

This came pretty close to being my favorite capture of the day:

But nothing tops this one, IMHO.

However, I do wish the "kitty" hadn't been in the portrait with her.

I was so exhausted I came home and took a nap ... an unheard of occurrence in my life!

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Anna said...

what a precious subject! are you hooked or are you hooked? these are BEAUTIFUL!!!! i love my 50mm and can't wait to try it out on a full frame soon! :) i agree w/ you, the last 2 are my favorite...w/ that 2nd to last one being simply stunning! i didnt notice the kitty in the last one until i looked closely! it was her eyes and that smile that caught my attention!

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