Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Enjoy Mr. "G" {Montgomery, AL Baby Portraits}

There is definitely one thing my photography pursuits have taught me: There are plenty of young men and women who make excellent parents and follow God's will for the family. Perfect example here. I was thrilled to meet handsome Mr. "G" and his parents recently at Shakespeare's Garden. It was an absolute blessing.
I'm afraid we often get a skewed view of life from television, news media and movies. The truth is that there are still wonderful people on earth, there is still hope for the family, and God still provides everything we need to enjoy life. So many of my clients remind me of this truth, and I thank them with my whole heart! Mom and Dad, your full gallery of images is uploading and will be ready for you to view later tonight. I hope you enjoy this little preview with friends and family.

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