Monday, January 17, 2011

Enjoy Time with Family

Work will always be there, but quality time with friends and family are in limited supply. -Anne Ruthmann (blog 12.30.10

2010 was a blessed year for my photography business. In spite of the recession and economic uncertainty, I did more weddings and portrait sessions than I would have ever dreamed. As I reflect back on 2010 clients, I feel so honored and blessed to have been chosen to document such special occasions and milestones. However, my family and friends paid a price for this success. I missed times and opportunities that cannot be recaptured. After reading Anne's blog I wrote the above quote on a sticky note and put it on my booking calendar. I have resolved to not only spend more time with family and friends, but to savor and enjoy it greatly!

Grandson Elijah spent some time with us yesterday playing basketball, coloring, and putting together puzzles. I loved watching the interaction between Elijah and his "G" and hearing (repeatedly) "Where does this one go?"

Granddaughter Haylie spent the night with us Saturday. On our way back to her house on Sunday we stopped to feed the birds at Shakespeare.

The answer to my dilemma appears to be the standard economic wisdom of supply and demand. I will be greatly limiting the number of weddings and portraits booked in 2011, which will require an adjustment in the required investment. Wedding collections for 2011 have been finalized and are in effect for any bride who has not yet reserved a date for her wedding. I'm working on 2011 portrait collections this week. They should be in effect by the end of the week. So, if you're thinking you'd like to book a session this year, please go ahead and contact me this week. I have a few openings in March, none in February or April, and some weekday openings in May (all weekends are booked).

Let's all take time to enjoy family and friends in 2011!

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