Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enjoy Studio Lighting

Okay, I know on-location natural lighting is really big in photography right now. But we're sitting here in Alabama with a heat index running between 105-110 every single day! I mean, it's 80 degrees and humid when we get up in the morning! And with that heat you have the perfect formula for afternoon thunderstorms. Plus, I just love studio lighting. I love big ol' catch lights in the eyes from ginormous soft boxes. I love not having a color cast from the green leaves or surrounding buildings. I love the fact that they are so easily edited because you have control of the lighting. Ah ... there's the key word: "control." I admit it. I like control. And it doesn't mean you sacrifice a fun session. Just look at this sneak peek from a studio session yesterday:

Does that look like a stuffy formal portrait session to you?

And, I always drag the cat in to test the studio lights before the clients arrive. So here are a few outtakes of him:

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