Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enjoy Special Moments

Coffee-table books ... they're not just for weddings and baby's first year portraits!

This summer a special friend called to tell me about a beautiful sunflower field near her home. I drove up to check it out then packed up my granddaughters and daughter for a photo safari the next day. My sweet husband went along to carry the props and entertain the granddaughters when they were not being photographed. (He ended up in several of the pictures because he's just so entertaining and adorable!) It turned out to be a very special time and I ended up with so many wonderful pictures. So, I designed a coffee table book and ordered three copies - one for me, one for my daughter and one for the granddaughters. I used one of the photographs as the cover in a metallic finish.

Here's a peek inside:

I've made coffee-table books for several special projects. I think they're a great way to remember the occasion and easily view the pictures. The cost is about the same or less than getting prints of each image.

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Lori Mercer said...

You are so incredibly talented!! :)

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