Saturday, August 1, 2009

Enjoy Accolades | Award-Winning Photographer Montgomery AL

I'm thrilled that "Seduction" was chosen as Picture of the Day today in the Digital Art cagegory at Digital Image Cafe. This was taken the first year I became interested in photography (2004) with my -- I mean my husband's -- digital camera. I had no idea what an f-stop was or ISO and certainly didn't understand anything about manual mode on a camera. So, the original image is pretty bad! A few years later -- when I'd learned photoshop a little better -- I was able to pull more information out of it but it was still pretty bad. Corel Painter to the rescue! I LOVE that program ... just don't have the time to work in it like I want to.

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Lori Mercer said...

Beautiful!! Now I want to see the original! ;)

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