Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kindergarten Soccer

Today began with my older granddaughter's soccer game. I was amazed at how well these Kindergartners understood the game!

Cousins Lily and Hannah are on the same team.

The coach lulled the opposing team into the slumber of overconfidence as he kept his secret weapons on the bench during the first quarter:

Then he sends them in: Lily, aka "Thunder Shoes," takes her position as forward. Hannah moves into place to defend the goal.

There are a few moments of distraction with the sights and sounds all around, not to mention a little hangnail. Daddy can be heard calling, "Focus, Hannah, focus!" But it's mom's voice from the sideline that usually snaps her back into the game.

Until I downloaded the images, I didn't realize how many times Hannah came head-to-head with this little cutie from the opposing team. But she didn't let his good looks dissuade her from defending the goal. She made a fabulous save in this series - then looks to mom and dad on the sidelines for their approving cheers.

Go, Hannah, go!

The game was finally called. It may have been a time-limit issue, but I prefer to think of it as a mercy call. Lily had gotten us so far ahead of the other team the officials just didn't want to let the game continue! Time for a victory huddle!

The day also ended on a personal note with Elijah's first birthday party. I'll post some of those tomorrow.

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Hannah is SO pretty. Blue looks great on her! ~Jessica

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