Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Road Trip

Six River Region photographers took a road trip to Atlanta yesterday to attend a photography seminar. We had a great time discussing cameras, children, blogs, facebook, print labs, etc. Here's a snapshot of us at the seminar:

Left to right:
Suzanne Williams of Suzanne Williams Photography
DiAnna Paulk of Photography by DiAnna Paulk (me)
Lori Mercer of Lori Mercer Photography
Judy Barranco, who has no blog or website - we told her she had to get one of each! Judy does mainly stock photography
Anna Bishop of Anna Bishop Photography
Shae Owens of Shae Owens Photography

Okay, so we're not so creative with our studio names! LOL! But there is a lot of creative energy within the group. Most of us are portrait and/or wedding photographers.

We also stopped for a bite to eat on the way there. We left at 10:00 AM yesterday morning and got back around 2 AM this morning!

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