Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clothes Dryer and Wood Hyacinths

Okay, so you're wondering what clothes dryers and wood hyacinths have in common: right now they are both beautiful to me.

My faithful old clothes dryer spun its last round about a week and a half ago. Knowing its age and how many clothes it had dried over the years, my first thought was, "Let's go get a new one." This is where being married to a do-it-yourself-er has its downside (in case you've forgotten that it took me 18 years to get my mailbox replaced!). My husband didn't want to look for a new dryer ... he wanted to try to fix this one! Naturally, he waited until after the maid service came on Wednesday to haul everything out of the laundry room so he'd have room to "fix it." That's not to mention all the lint that was tracked around my freshly cleaned house. And there it all stayed until last night (7 days later) while he was "fixin' it." After countless hours of heaving and hoeing and running parts all over town to have them checked, he finally said, "Let's go get a new one." We got it on Tuesday and he set it up last night (we couldn't let Sears do that because we're a do-it-yourself-er!). Usually, laundry ranks right down there with getting groceries, but today I've washed and dried everything in the house! Even socks that I have no match for are now washed and dried! We surely do take little things for granted, don't we!

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