Saturday, May 7, 2011

Enjoy Cats

My cat is always waiting for me when I get home. He somehow knows the sound of the car and comes to meet me. (okay, he's not really my cat. he belongs to my neighbor. but he thinks he's our cat. maybe because we don't have 3 preschoolers and a pit bull. anyway ...)

Friday, he didn't come to meet me. I immediately noticed his absence but went on in the house. I waited a few minutes then checked at each door. Still no cat. I walked back to my office and did a little work but couldn't help but think how strange this was so headed to check the doors again.

Then, as I was passing the bedroom we keep set up for the grandchildren, I caught something out of the corner of my eye:

I did a double-take. Sure enough, there he was.

What was he thinking when he settled down here? Was he thinking he was part of the pride?

I was pleased he let me grab the camera and take a few shots of this. How funny is this!

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