Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enjoy Outtakes

A friend and fellow photographer asked me once how I got cats calmed down and cooperative for a photo session. The answer is, you don't! Cats and babies are photographed on their own terms and schedules! So, Anna, this collection of outtakes is for you :) Enjoy!


Anna said...

LOVE it! love the first one w/ his back to you! like maybe if i sneak off she wont notice i'm gone! but i really like the one in the middle! so beautiful! that cat saved us when you were doing Addie's 12 month portraits in your backyard! i'm not sure my child would have cooperated w/o that i suppose the cat is entitled to a few outtakes himself! thanks for sharing :)

shae said...

that is hilarious! and i thought you were a cat 'whisperer'!

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