Monday, February 16, 2009

Photos of Photogs

Recently, I blogged about several photographers getting together to take portraits of each other. We all needed portraits for our websites and blogs, but we are always on the other end of the camera. These are my edited favorites of three beautiful ladies, whom I'm honored to call friends and colleagues. They were not only fun to photograph, but I learned so much from working with them that day. I don't know why they let me hang around with them... but I'm certainly glad they do.

Top Row: Anna Bishop blog
Middle Row: Suzanne Williams blog and website
Bottom Row: Lori Mercer blog and website

Many of you will recognize Lori as my favorite second-shooter at weddings!

And here are a few they took of me:

I'm soooo jealous of Suzanne's logo!!!

They all said I had to write a book because this was my "author's photo."

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