Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enjoy Saving Lives {Montgomery, AL Event Photography}

Sav-A-Life of Montgomery Inc. is a non-denominational Christian ministry promoting a culture of life, health, and morality. It is a ministry that has been near and dear to my heart for many years. I remember when it was formed approximately 25 years ago. What an honor to be asked to photograph this year's annual fund-raising banquet.
The speaker was Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. Nine of the board members were able to be present for the photo session prior to the event. Sadly, we couldn't get together the staff members because they were all so busy at the registration table.
Guin Nance, serving as the Board's Chairperson, opened the evening events. Susan Decker Bunce, Executive Director, introduced the speaker.
Dr. Wilkinson issued an amazing challenge ... give back to the Lord one child for every child He'd given you. He quoted research that found the average cost to a crisis pregnancy center to save one child from abortion is $1200. Yet, if I'm not mistaken, Sav-A-Life of Montgomery only had $2000 available for advertising last year. If each of us could pledge $1200 for each of our children and grandchildren, we could equip Sav-A-Life to save many more lives. The Lord used his words to open the hearts of many who were present. My prayer is that they will in turn share this challenge to friends who could not be present. What a work the Lord could do in Montgomery if all of us who say we believe in the sanctity of life would prayerfully consider supporting this wonderful ministry.
Many, many thanks to Sue Sizemore, Southern Exposures, and Diana Bunch for helping me photograph this event. Also a big "thank you" to my hubby who helped carry lights and bags.

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