Saturday, June 11, 2011

Enjoy Nashville

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Nashville, Tennessee. I stayed locked in my hotel room most of the time preparing for the professional photographer's certification test. After I got that behind me I enjoyed a couple of Nashville's beautiful parks. These are a few snaps from the Bicentennial Capitol Mall.

I couldn't resist a self-portrait in the 18,000 lb granite globe floating on 1/8 inch of water. It is part of the WWII Memorial. The lines from Tennessee show the mileage to different places connected to the war. Please note: the roundness of the globe makes me look larger than I really am ;)

This is a detail from the River Walk. There are 31 water fountains - one for each of the main waterways in Tennessee - and the granite wall with inscriptions about the waterways.

Old columns from Tennessee State Capitol:

And the most delightful part of the visit ... the 95-bell carillon representing Tennessee's musical heritage. I was walking around the park and suddenly heard them ring out "Love Me Tender." It was beautiful. I tried to ask a tour guide how often that happened and he said only at 10:00. Not sure he understood my question. He was definitely not from Tennessee!

If I lived in Nashville I'd definitely be tempted to schedule a few portrait sessions here.

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