Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Flight

I just couldn't leave this image alone. It has tons of technical errors -- particularly the main subject's focus is blurry and facing out of frame. But I loved it! Don't know why. So, I added three textures last night using different blend modes and varying degrees of opacity until I achieved the artsy feel I wanted for it. Two textures from Shadowhouse Creations (one of the most talented and generous artists on the web!) and one from Pink Sherbert Photography.

I also did some cropping and vignetting (using Alien Skin's Bokeh) on this image. I knew the composition wasn't strong, but it was a one-shot deal. I was downloading images on the computer and looked over and saw the cat watching the snow. I yanked the memory card out of the computer and shoved it back in the camera and got off one shot (with my new 580EX II as fill flash ... I LOVE this flash!). He was through then. My husband tried to get him to "pose" again so I could get a good composition but he'd have none of it! Cats, you know...

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